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We are a company which aims to provide education content via Scientifically proven techniques to increase the Learning & Retention Power in the Students with this every student understand the concepts without extra efforts and create a Learning habit  with strong retention power. 

25Learn is developing scientifically structured content for multiple education domains where it is tough for the students to Understand and Learn the concept. Cyber & Information Security Domain is the very first domain in this direction.

So 25Learn is laying a foundation of Learning & Retention Power in the Students.


25Learn is a team of top notch I.T professionals and Psychologists with 15+ years of Industry Experience. 25Learn is using different Scientifically proven techniques to help the students understand the concepts. Students can use this knowledge to get certified, clear Job Interviews, clear exams, and use the knowledge gained in day to day activities. 

Scientific Concepts for Learning used in 25 Learn

The K-S-A

25Learn courses are designed keeping in mind the K-S-A concept with introduction to associated Tasks.

K-S-A stands for the Knowledge – Skills – Abilities required for any Job or certification.

With this combination the person is Industry ready to handle any tasks associated with those K-S-As.

Repetitive spaced out learning

25Learn is also using the concept of Repetitive spaced out learning which will help the student to study and Learn the concepts without any extra effort.

The key to learning in 25Learn Team is practicality, applicability, and repetition.

As per the concept of Spaced out learning in which time is placed in between learning sessions. Human Mind learn more via repetition, practice, and honing the skills and the same cannot be learned in one-time events;

German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus done research on the human learning retention and given the Forgetting Curve. As per this curve the learners forget 50-80% of what they learn in simply a matter of days. The solution to this problem is only the spaced-out repetition of key points and core content. 25Learn provide Repetitive spaced out learning content so the real learning must take place over time and also 25learn content have spans of time between the learning moments which helps in better recall.

This creates a long-term memory without devoting much time, but small time with gaps between learning. 

25Learn provides the content directly to the student mobile at scheduled interval with repetition of the concepts and terms in different contexts

Some of the modes/form in which 25learn provide the content to the students are 

  1. Notes
  2. Mind maps 
  3. Study-on-the go
  4. Pointers
  5. Questionnaire

Repeating the same information in a different context allows the student to experience and practice the content in different ways.

With this technique 25 Learn provides specific courses which covers specific domains. To become Cyber security Engineer, Analyst, specialist, managers, directors, and CIOs , 25learn programs directs towards the necessary capability for Cyber Security professionals. 

Check out our Video and other Blogs to understand the Concept in more detail.

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