Cyber Policy and Strategy Planner

Develops and maintains cybersecurity plans, strategy, and policy to support and align with organizational cybersecurity initiatives and regulatory compliance.

Below are the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Tasks identified as being required to perform this work role.

Knowledge of computer networking concepts and protocols, and network security methodologies.
Knowledge of risk management processes (e.g., methods for assessing and mitigating risk).
K0003Knowledge of laws, regulations, policies, and ethics as they relate to cybersecurity and privacy.
K0004Knowledge of cybersecurity and privacy principles.
K0005Knowledge of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
K0006Knowledge of specific operational impacts of cybersecurity lapses.
K0070Knowledge of system and application security threats and vulnerabilities (e.g., buffer overflow, mobile code, cross-site scripting, Procedural Language/Structured Query Language [PL/SQL] and injections, race conditions, covert channel, replay, return-oriented attacks, malicious code).
K0127Knowledge of the nature and function of the relevant information structure (e.g., National Information Infrastructure).
K0146Knowledge of the organization’s core business/mission processes.
K0168Knowledge of applicable laws, statutes (e.g., in Titles 10, 18, 32, 50 in U.S. Code), Presidential Directives, executive branch guidelines, and/or administrative/criminal legal guidelines and procedures.
K0234Knowledge of full spectrum cyber capabilities (e.g., defense, attack, exploitation).
K0248Knowledge of strategic theory and practice.
K0309Knowledge of emerging technologies that have potential for exploitation.
K0311Knowledge of industry indicators useful for identifying technology trends.
K0313Knowledge of external organizations and academic institutions with cyber focus (e.g., cyber curriculum/training and Research & Development).
K0335Knowledge of current and emerging cyber technologies.
K0624Knowledge of Application Security Risks (e.g. Open Web Application Security Project Top 10 list)
S0176Skill in administrative planning activities, to include preparation of functional and specific support plans, preparing and managing correspondence, and staffing procedures.
S0250Skill in preparing plans and related correspondence.
A0003Ability to determine the validity of technology trend data.
A0033Ability to develop policy, plans, and strategy in compliance with laws, regulations, policies, and standards in support of organizational cyber activities.
A0037Ability to leverage best practices and lessons learned of external organizations and academic institutions dealing with cyber issues.
T0074Develop policy, programs, and guidelines for implementation.
T0094Establish and maintain communication channels with stakeholders.
T0222Review existing and proposed policies with stakeholders.
T0226Serve on agency and interagency policy boards.
T0341Advocate for adequate funding for cyber training resources, to include both internal and industry-provided courses, instructors, and related materials.
T0369Ensure that cyber workforce management policies and processes comply with legal and organizational requirements regarding equal opportunity, diversity, and fair hiring/employment practices.
T0384Promote awareness of cyber policy and strategy as appropriate among management and ensure sound principles are reflected in the organization’s mission, vision, and goals.
T0390Review/Assess cyber workforce effectiveness to adjust skill and/or qualification standards.
T0408Interpret and apply applicable laws, statutes, and regulatory documents and integrate into policy.
T0425Analyze organizational cyber policy.
T0429Assess policy needs and collaborate with stakeholders to develop policies to govern cyber activities.
T0441Define and integrate current and future mission environments.
T0445Design/integrate a cyber strategy that outlines the vision, mission, and goals that align with the organization¡¯s strategic plan.
T0472Draft, staff, and publish cyber policy.
T0505Monitor the rigorous application of cyber policies, principles, and practices in the delivery of planning and management services.
T0506Seek consensus on proposed policy changes from stakeholders.
T0529Provide policy guidance to cyber management, staff, and users.
T0533Review, conduct, or participate in audits of cyber programs and projects.
T0537Support the CIO in the formulation of cyber-related policies.