ISO 27001 ISMS – A Necessity or Need?

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Certainly, the alarming stage has arrived with so much of information being monitored and maintained by the organizations. The recent updates in the technologies, digital space has given a wider scope to collect the data of the users.

For any organization which deals with such information has a threat to cybercrimes, therefore you should be prepared.

To protect the data breach, one should have robust cyber security system which requires ISMS. The information security and management system is made up of three support poles – people, processes and technology.

So what do you think – ISMS is a necessity or need? Obviously it is a necessity, you want to know why? It is because without the system an organization cannot safeguard itself.

Having said that, let us now start from the beginning to know more on ISMS.

What are ISMS?

An information security management system is a set of policies and procedures for symmetrically managing organizations delicate data.

Im other words it can be defined as the systematic approach constituting the processes, people and technology which help to protect and manage the organizations information through effective risk management.

ISO 27001 is an international standard specification for creating an ISMS which includes the suggestions on documentation, audits, improvement and corrective and preventive action.

This specification provides ISMS with the best practices and covers the compliance requirements.

Importance – Information Security Management System

With the technological advancements in the world of network and communications one must keep an eye on the cyber criminals who are in search of the confidential data for their commercial purpose or any other benefit for the hacker with the information in hand.

There have been reports where the data of increase in cyber crimes has been listed which makes the organizations to think of ISMS – ISO 27001 to protect the confidentiality, integrity or availability          of information.

Hope you have understood the importance of ISMS – ISO 27001, now let us check what are the benefits of the system if it is being implemented.

By the way, there are courses designed for ISMS on our online learning portal Maybe you can have a look at the course and enroll.

Coming back to…

Merits of ISMS – ISO 27001

Implementing ISO 27001 – ISMS help you comply with the laws and win business, along with it we have a few more benefits that will fit in our organization. And they are;

  1. Secured information –the ISMS helps in protecting all forms of information, whether digital, paper or in cloud
  2. Resilient to cyber-attacks–ISMS will help your organization to withstand the cyber-attack if any
  3. One destination information – the framework helps the organization to manage the information to keep safe at one place
  4. Adaptability – supports in adapting changes in both the environment and inside the organization
  5. Reduced costs – organizations can reduce costs spent on adding layers of defensive technology that might not be useful
  6. Creates awareness –ISMS is a holistic approach which covers the whole organization enabling the employees to understand the risks and embrace the security controls as part of their daily practices


The first part of the blog ISMS – ISO 27001 has given you the conceptualized idea about ISMS. The next part would be more about why the to consider the ISMS course, polices and software.

As you have got the concept, just check for the courses on ISMS on for more.

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